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ERK-TRH-T08 Tile Interface
  • ERK-TRH-T08 Tile Interface

ERK-TRH-T08 Tile Interface

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Tile Interface

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Accesoorise List:    
8# Tile Roof Hook Base Part(SUS 304)------1
8# Tile Roof Hook Support Part(SUS 304)------1
M10*30 The Carriage Bolt(SUS 304)------1
M10 Hexagon Nuts with Flange(SUS 304)------1
M8X25 Hex Socket Head Bolt(SUS 304)------1
M8 Spring Washer(SUS 304)------1
M8 Lock Washer(SUS 304)------1
ERK Nuts(Al6005-T5)------1
SC6.3x80 Hex Head Wood Screw(20#)------3
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